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Hi there,

I added this page for people interested to buy equipment designed and built by me. For other people’s design I can only give advise for personal implementation.

Please fell free to add you comments and feedback.





Shiny Eyes 300B-C3g SET amplifier

Here is another 300B-C3g SET amp that I’ve recently built using the excellent  Electra Print low IMD output transformers and Lundahl  interstage transformers. The audio tubes filaments are DC powered and regulated for long life and lowest possible noise. The power supply has an oversized Hammond 278CX and Lundahl LL1673/10H chokes wired in common mode for best ripple and noise rejection. The power supply caps are Obbligato oil first cap and Mundorf Mlytic HV+ 100uF and 470uF.

The 300B is self biased using 3 MRA12 Mills per channel and Mundorf MCap for decoupling. The C3g is loaded on the LL1660/18mA and self biased.

The amplifier has a timer delay setup at about 65 seconds to allow the filaments of the 300B to reach a quasi stable temperature before applying the high voltage.

The RCAs and binding posts are Cardas.

All equipment is attached to a 3/16″ (4.7mm) 3031 aluminum plate that seats on a nicely finished American cherry hardwood box. It weights 58 lbs and measures 20.5x13x5.5″. The amp total height is 11.5″.

The amplifier comes with EH Gold 300B, Siemens C3g and an extra pair of Lorentz C3g, and a pair of 6CL3 rectifiers.

This amp has an 8 ohms output, but will work well with speakers as low as 4 ohms. The input sensitivity is 1.5Vrms for full power and only needs a low gain preamplifier. During tests, I was listening to this amp using the Shiny Eyes 4p1L preamplifier ( a 7dB gain pre) and I found it is a very nice match.

This is an amazing sounding 300B amp due to a sum of factors: design, quality of parts and sturdiness of built. It is an amp that will serve you for many years if properly maintained by replacing the tubes on time.

I am asking $3500 plus shipping.

Package is about 69lbs and 24x18x16 shipped from 06851.



Email @  for inquiries







13 thoughts on “Stuff For Sale and Feedback

  1. I can heartily recommend anything that Radu builds. I purchased a 301A DHT tube preamp from him through EBay last year. It is built like a tank and very carefully thought out. Adds that wonderful DHT goodness to my system which has a Pass Labs solid state amp and single driver speakers. Radu even customized the preamp for me in order to drop the gain a bit.

    It is hard to believe that he makes money on these builds. He seems to be doing it for love of the endeavor! Highly recommended.

  2. I bought a 4P1L and F4 combo through eBay Radu. It sounds excellent. After that, I asked Radu to built a 26/01A tube preamp for me. He also fixed the hum issue for my amplifiers. This is the best experience I have ever had in my 20 audiophile years. The 26/01A performs just like a 10k and above preamp. The sound opens up just like a real live concert.

    Radu is knowledgeable and considerate. Through multiple projects with him, he is always keeping customer first in his mind and makes you extremely happy and surprise by going extra miles.

    Radu is the best! Highly recommended. Jim

  3. Hi Radu,

    Having researched your projects, I would also be very interested in your 26/01A DHT preamp. Please email me with details.

    Best, George

  4. I had built preamplifiers with 4P1L tube by myself. After 6 months of tuning it, I found that this tube is difficult for me despite its great sound. Finally, I had given up.

    But its sound was awesome, I googled for 4P1L preamp at times. And fortunately, I found Radu’s website and I purchased 4P1L preamp from Radu.

    In short, it’s really awesome.
    3D-stage, natural tone, and transparency. I can hear what I wanted. And absolutely no noise.
    Its bass is not huge, but it grips.
    And for the chassis, it’s better than it looks in photograph.

    I can recommend it to whoever loves DHT’s sound. You cannot know its sound before you hear it.

  5. I would highly recommend any of Radu’s build projects. Radu last year built me a Statement
    101b,26 tube preamplifier. OUTSTANDING,,in finish as well as build. Hand picked top of the Line parts quality and sonics several categories above the commercial priced companies.
    Which you pay huge50% markups. Here that money goes directly into the top quality Lundahl transformers, powder coated,pinstriped top and front panels and writting of my choosing.
    Custom Precision Electronics.Myself a 35 years Audiophile, this is perfect for the quality
    that I require. Since then Radu has built me a Pass Labs Dual Mono First Watt F-6 amplifier .
    I could not recommend any higher any Audio designer, Technician ,PJ Letteri.

  6. Hi Radu,
    What would be the cost of the 01A DHT Line Stage and the 101D/26 DHT switchable preamp,
    fully built as described?

    • Hello Daniel,
      I’ve sent you an email. I’m no longer building one enclosure DHT preamps. DHTs are very sensitive and capture hum from a nearby transformer or tube rectifier..
      Keeping the AC away from the main preamp enclosure is a must in order to have a very low noise DHT preamp.

  7. Hi Radu

    I’d be interested in using a 4p1l design either for preamp/buffer duty or for ‘powering’ my compression drivers (active horn system). I thought about a single stage (one single 4p1l) per channel, no driver. Gain is not an issue because the compression drivers’ sensitivities are markedly above 110dB and I’m listening in the near field.

    -Would the noise (DHT design) be a problem in my setting?
    -Would it be possible to use this amp indifferently as preamp or as amp? Note that the impedance of the compression drivers is relatively high (32 ohm).

    • Hi Marc,
      4P1L is a very nice tone tube. However, it is quite microphonic at lower signal levels. Using as a final stage in a power amp, the signal levels are high ( up to 100Vrms) and the microphonics are manageable, The tube goes through a warm up period of 10-30 minutes where one will hear pings. After reaching a steady thermal state there should be no noises besides the ones created by airbourne waves ( microphonics).
      Your driver is pretty sensitive. Lets assume you only need 0.25W average power to create a good listening sound pressure level. This translates to 2.82Vrms at the speaker level. I would use LL2765/30mA in 12:1 configuration. The 4P1L will average an 8x gain loaded to the LL2765. Therefore, with only one stage you will need about 4.3Vrms input to get 0.25W on your driver.

      Hope this answers your questions.You can email me at if needed.

  8. Radu designed and built for me a pair of amazing mono-block amps 26>>>46>>>50
    All I can say here is that they are flawlessly working and successfully competing with more expensive products. He is a dedicated professional and a fair and honest person. Highly recommended !!

  9. Thank you Radu for the finest 300B amp. I’ve ever owned or hope to own! Its build quality, appearance and performance are well beyond its price point; in fact, imho it would be hard to improve upon at any price. Glorious sound, a wonderful match for open baffle speakers and cdp source. This one is a keeper for sure. And it was a great pleasure to meet you, Radu. You are a someone of great integrity and incredible knowledge in your chosen field. Hope to call upon you again for a preamp to go along with it.
    Aloha nui loa!

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