Gallery of Finished Projects

This page is showing some of my finished prototypes. Enjoy!


  • Shiny Eyes 45-C3g Interstage coupled:
  • Folsom Amp( Solid state TDA7297 and Antipole power supply)

Another style Folsom:

1) 2012 – My first recent tube amp – “Shiny Eyes” Parallel Push Pull with 4P1l -6H30 Lundahl iron

DSC00439 DSC00432

2) 2013 Alpair 12P speakers – Mark Audio’s small reflex enclosures

photo (10) photo (4)

3) Early 2014 – “Shiny Eyes” Parallel Single Ended  all stages 4P1L , Lunhadl iron

SEPSE3 SEPSE4 SEPSE5 photo (9)

4) Summer 2014 – Second, Improved “ShinyEyes”PSE special edition, Monolith OT and Lundahl IT, all stage 4P1L

Complete_Connected Main_Front PSU_Front

5) Summer 2014 – 26 Linestage/Preamp, two fixed gains 4dB and 10dB, Lundahl LL2745/8mA

IMG_1612 IMG_1611

6) Fall 2014 – Hybrid amp 4P1L simple gain stage/driver and F4 current buffer

photo 1 photo 3 photo 1 (1) photo 3 (2)

7) Fall 2014 – Owen’s (OPC of  DiyAudio) the “Wire” SE-SE hea+photo 5 photo 1 photo 2

8) Dec 2014 – Alpair 7A Gen3 speakers BrinesAcoustic TL enclosures

photo 1 (4)

9) Jan 2015 – My implementation of the “4P1L Siberian Gen.3” designed by Ale Moglia

Preamp front top view all another top view

10) March 2015 – 6H30 pre – Mini F4 integrated

F4-6h30 side F4 6h30 front F4 6h30 back




One thought on “Gallery of Finished Projects

  1. Awesome tube amp. This is the guy who messaged you about the audio nirvana speakers. I have pictures posted here.

    They’re a pretty basic bass reflex design that was provided with the plans. My woodworking is limited to stuff I learned in high-school woodshop.

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