Eager to find out more…

Hello Tube Sound Lover,

My name is Radu Tarta and I live with my family in Connecticut. I recently started to continue my passion for electron tubes abandoned some more than 30 years ago. But now in a completely new direction: sound of tubes. There is always a inspirational moment in ones life that changes the course of events. Mine came in  the form of desire to experience more music and building with tube emotions. I am a tube handyman and I love building things with my hands. However, I like to built thing with my mind too. I am predisposed for perfectionism, even though sometimes stays in front of fast progress.

At this point in time I am getting ready. Acquire equipment, built testing equipment and a lot of reading. I am getting ready for the moment when I can say: “Start” . I enjoy reading Dr. Gizmo’s metaphorical essays. They are truly inspirational. However, I spent most of the time reading non-metaphorical technical literature.

I welcome anyone who love tube sound to comment in my blog.


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